Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Horrors Of Spider Island" Tweet-Show on April 29, 2011 at 10PM EST

It's been a LOOONG time, but we need another Tweetshow! Yes, we'll be doing another synchronized viewing of yet another classic B-Movie...this time the horror poop-classic: "Horrors of Spider Island." The viewing will take place this Friday, April 29, 2011, beginning at 10:00PM EST. The film will run until about 11:15PM EST. During the running of the film, a group of us will be posting chat commments about the movie as it runs (comments, thoughts, jokes, riffs, methods of removing blood stains from a garment, whatever...). If this one goes anything like the previous ones we've done, it should be a lotta fun again!!!

Oh, and there will be a drinking game again to go along with it, so be sure to bring your favorite booze! The game? Everytime someone say "Gary" in the movie, you take a drink!

With the last two Tweet-Show we had success with the new way that we are doing it: Instead of posting comments on Twitter (and needing hashtags and following a Twitter list and risking "Twitter-Jail"), we've posted the movie, a chat room and a sychronization clock ALL ON THE SAME WEB PAGE which can be found here:


Instructions for the "Horrors of Spider Island" Tweet-Show

To synchronize your viewing of the movie with the other Tweet-Show participants:

1. Go to the following website: http://killershrew.blogspot.com/2009/04/tweetshow.html

2. Scroll down until you can see the movie frame (on the left), the chat frame (on the right) and the clock (just below the chat frame) all on the same screen.

3. In the "Chat" frame, enter the name you want to use for the chat in the box that says "Choose A Nickname" and then click the "Connect" button. You are now in the chat! NOTE: It's recommended that you use your Twitter user-name as your nickname so that people will know who you are!

4. Keep an eye on this internet clock located just below the chat box. It's set for Eastern Standard Time.

5. When the time per the internet clock hits exactly 10PM EST, push play on your movie. You should be good to go!

6. If you don't get sychronization perfect, DON'T PANIC!!! As long as you are within a minute or so it'll work!

7. If you come in late to the movie or your viewing gets screwed up for some reason, just calculate approximately where we are based on how long it is past 10PM EST and start your movie viewing from there (e.g., if it is 10:23PM EST... go to the 23 minute point on the movie).

A few tips for making your tweet show viewing better:

1. The best browser to use appears to be Internet Explorer 8... if you are using another type of browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, etc.), it should still work, but there might be some slight overlap of the chat window over the video, but not enough to prevent you from participating.

2. After hitting the "play" button on the movie, it sometimes takes a 10-30 seconds for the movie to actually start playing. As such, you may want to hit the "Play" button prior to 10PM to let it "load up" onto your computer. Immediately after the movie starts playing, hit "pause" and then wait until 10PM and then hit "Play" again.

3. If your chat view is too small, you can make it larger by putting your cursor over the verticle bar just to the right of where the chat dialoge shows up and then dragging it to the right to make it bigger.

4. IF YOU HAVE A SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION: If you have a good, fast internet connection, you shouldn't have a problem with watching the movie streaming directly from the above website. However, if you have a slow internet connection, you may want to download the movie first and then watch it directly off of your computer. If this is the route you want to go, you can download the movie for FREE here

I hope you can make it! Happy Tweeting!

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